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Beat the Heat

OK – its hot.  Really hot.  Brutally hot.   Most of the US is boiling.  Last Saturday in Hilton Head it was in the 90s with high humidity and high winds.  But, “the show must go on” as they say.  Here’s our suggestion to make the most of wedding day photographs when it is crazy hot.  First and foremost – split up your photo time.  This last weekend we rarely did any more than 15 – 20 minutes at a time for photographs.  Nobody likes to sweat.  When its that hot, you start to overheat the minute you get outside.  The only good solution is to move back inside into air conditioning as quickly as possible.  Go out, get your images, go back in.  For Hilton Head, we did the details during a morning session, prep time with the bride and groom, then did a first look with the bride and groom and a portion of their photo time.  We then took them back inside.  Everyone took a break, (we changed our shirts…) and then took the bridal party out for their photographs.  We then took another break (and changed shirts again…).  Next came family photographs right before the ceremony on the beach.  After a short ceremony, we did additional bridal party and bride/groom photos (where this image was taken) before everyone went inside for the reception.  It was still hot, but by breaking up the day, we were able to get the images we needed while staying as cool as possible.  We also drank a ton of liquids and tried our best to wear appropriate clothing that looked professional but kept us cool.  Linen is your friend…   Hopefully this heatwave will break soon.  Until then, try to stay cool!

—Chris and Julie

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